Samuel W. Harris
Born: 1782 in Rockbridge County, Virginia                                     Died: 1851  St. Louis, Missouri
Father: Capt. James Harris, born 1740 in No. Ireland  d. July 3, 1798 in Green County, KY
Mother: Mary Anne McKinney, b. abt. 1754 Lancaster County, PA.  Died 1816, Green County, KY
1st Spouse: Sarah (Sally) Inks Married on August 13, 1806 in Warren County, Kentucky. Sarah was an orphan.
Daniel Morris was given her guardianship in Adair County KY and gave consent to her marriage to Samuel. The
marriage was witnessed by Daniel Hudspeth, Abijah Morris and David Morris.  Sarah died in 1836.
8 Children:
Ann Elizabeth                b. 1808           d. 1865
William                           b. 18
08           d. 1881
Joseph                           b. 1812           d. 1855
Mary J.                            b. 1815            d. 1863
Lefremsier                    b. abt 1817 ( mentioned in the History of St. Louis)
James                            b. 1819  ( mentioned in theHistory of St. Louis)
Levina                             b. 1820
Washington                   b. 1824 ( mentioned in the History of St. Louis)
Isaiah (Clark) Brown    b. 1825           d. 1905
John T.                            b. 1829
Other Information:
Samuel W. Harris was the next to youngest of 9 children. His father, James Harris, died in 1798 when Samuel was sixteen. The
family was living in Green County Kentucky at the time. James Harris' will left a provision that his youngest son Samuel be
taught a trade. On June 17th, 1800, Samuel's older brother Alexander indentured him for 5 years to William Sutton to learn the
Joiners trade (carpentry). From the Green County Kentucky Deeds book #2, page 178:

"This indenture made the 17th of June one thousand eight hundred witnessed that Alexander Harris of Green County and state
of Kentucky, hath this day bound unto William Sutton, Samuel Harris, orphan, for the term of 5 years from the 13th day of the
ensuing August during which time said apprentice shall faithfully serve the said master and obey all his lawful commands. He
shall not commit fornication nor contract matrimony but in all things shall behave himself as an apprentice ought to do and the
said master doth on his part engage to find and provide said apprentice sufficient meat, drink, washing, lodging, and apparel
during said term and teach or have him taught to read, write and arithmetic including the rule of three, and learn him the Joiners
trade and at the expiration of said term, two suits of apparel, one whereof shall be new. Witnesses: John Hall, Joseph Spilman,
James Harris, William Sutton."

After his 5 years of indenture, he married his first wife Sarah Inks in 1806 in Warren County, Kentucky. Sarah and Samuel moved
to the St. Louis, Missouri, area about 1808. Since this part of Missouri was only sold to the United States by France in 1803 as
part of the Louisiana Purchase, they were very early American settlers there.  Samuel and Sarah  were married for about 30
years and had 10 children.

From the book “The History of St. Louis: "Starting out anew at the west end of the state road, we begin with Samuel Harris,
who was born in 1787, went to Kentucky with his parents in 1796, and came to near Fee-Fee (Fee-Fee is a nickname for St.
Louis) in 1808. He married Sarah Inks (in KY), went against the Indians with the Missouri Volunteer Scouts in 1812-1816,
bought out Lambert at the edge of the county, in section 19.44.3 east in 1827; was a carpenter, and kept a tavern and post office.
This was the first office west of St. Louis and he distributed the mail by rider to Jefferson County by Hillsboro and Herculaneum.
He erected a small mill; his wife died in 1836 leaving William, Joseph, Lefremsier (in California), James, Wash, and Isaiah C.  
He married Mrs. Ann Thomas nee Brawley by whom he had two sons and three daughters. He died in 1851. Isaiah Clark, his
son was baptized by and named after Rev. John Clark, the early Baptist missionary. He (Isaiah) married Miss Turpin, of Allenton,
by whom he has a large family and lived near Fox Creek."

Samuel's first wife Sarah died in 1836 at age 51.. Two years later at age 56 Samuel remarried in 1838 to Anne A. Thomas (nee
Braley) who was 28 years his junior. Anne also bore him 5 more children. This was both Anne and Samuel's second marriage.

Samuel died in 1851 at age 69 near St. Louis, MO.
2nd Spouse: Anne A. (Braly) Thomas   b. 1810 Jackson, TN   d. Nov 1855 Allenton, St. Louis, MO
Married on March 27, 1838 in St. Louis, Missouri. Anne was born a Braly but had a 1st marriage to  Mr. Thomas
who died. 1 child John E. Thomas from 1st marriage. Samuel Harris was her 2nd husband.
5 Children:
Jackson                        b. 1840
Frank B.                         b. 1841
Mary Ann                        b. 1842         d. 1920
Sarah E.                         b. 1845         d. 1886
Susanna                        b. 1851         d. 1899
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