Model Horses
I have been collecting models of horses since I was a small child in the late
1950's. As a working class urban kid, owning a horse was impossible for my
family. That didn't stop my burning desire to have one. Every Christmas and
birthday a horse was #1 on my wish list. What I got instead were the only
replacement my parents could afford - models.

Though I have a few old Breyers and Hartlands, my aunt worked in a Five &
Dime store that carried Hagen Renakers. So totally by accident, I ended up
collecting the artwork of the incomparable Maureen Love.

I collected until the mid 1970's when I was able to afford my first real horse.
The models got put in boxes in the basement and only came back out 20
years later when a friend introduced me to the model horse hobby.
Who knew that there was an entire generation just like me that had been
hooked on model horses?

I especially love the older European porcelains and enjoy researching
about the sculptors working in the early 1900's. Some of the most
impressive and realistic animal models were created during this era.
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