***   OOAK Custom Glaze in Bone China ***
Sculpture by the amazing Sarah Rose
Produced in china and finished by the talented artists at The Horse Gallery for Horsing Around.com
A Generous Donation from Vanessa and MAC Crawley, proprietors of Horsing Around.com
Proceeds of the show to benefit our local horse rescue TB Friends
UVM Yesteryear was sculpted to represent an old style Morgan that embodies the character of the Government bred Morgan of long
ago. Sarah has created for us a model that is the essence of correct Morgan conformation. Just compare the picture below which is
entitled "Standard of Perfection for Morgan Horses" to Yesteryear.
This picture is provided by the American Morgan Horse Association as a breed standard.
This UVM Yesteryear is *very* special !
It is one of only 5 bisques reserved by Horsing Around to become glaze customs.
The artist also reserved 5 bisques, but there will be no other bisques available for general sale.
This UVM Yesteryear OOAK Custom Glaze has been painstakingly created by Vanessa Crawley to represent the rare but legal color
of silver dapple in the American Morgan Horse. This color is genetically a dilute and is often called "Taffy" or simply "Silver"
since not all individuals display the dapples. This model has been carefully hand painted to show the realistic "silvering" in the
mane and tail and the gradual dilution of the bay to a rich chocolate taffy.

More about this amazing color can be found at Laura Behning's site:
The hand painting detail on this horse is simply amazing! Kudos to the artists at the Horse Gallery! Note the gorgeous
dapples in their realistic patterning and the authentic gradation in shading over the body. When you view the picture taken
from above, check out the subtle dorsal and the paint detail where the tail attaches to the body and the line of the mane - this
realistic color gradation from the chestnut body to the flaxen tail is one of the best I have ever seen. This horse has every
detail from realistically shaded nether regions to carved and painted hoof frogs and correctly painted but subtle hooves.
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Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic #6

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6PM PT, Friday, April 3, 2008