Show sponsored by the Peter Stone Company


Limit 3 horses per class per shower, but if you would like to enter more, bring them and place a $1.00 bill by them, this will go to show expenses.

No smoking in the show hall.

Please keep your area free of trash and debris.  Do not touch a model that is not your own.

Judge's decisions are final, please feel free to ask questions before/after classes.

Do not hit table edges when walking around, be careful and respectful of others and their models.

We expect all showers, and guests to be courteous and considerate.  If any transgressions occur, those involved may be asked to leave
with no refund given.

Hall opens at 8:00 a.m. and the show starts at 9:00 as we should be out of the hall by 6:00 p.m.

We will move along at a steady pace so please let the judges know if you need a bit of exra time getting your horses to the rings.

First and second place will receive a NAN card in all qualifying NAMHSA classes.

Tables will not have covers, please bring your own.

We reserve the right to ask anyone who can not follow these rules to leave, no refund given.

ENTRY CARD REQUIREMENT: Please make a 3x5 index card for your horses that have your name and horses name on one side and on the
other side put class number, breed and gender.  If there is any special info on your model for the judges, feel free to have an extra card with that
info.  Breed reference material should be no larger than 8x10 in size.


Breed Halter: Correctness of anatomy, biomechanics, conformation. Breed standards including color that represents current(or historic with
documentation) standards.  Overall appearance, finish, condition, workmanship. Judge's overall impression

Collectibility: Rarity, Age, Condition, Desirability, Judge's overall impression

Performance: Model is correctly and safely executing a maneuver that is appropriate for the class (includes proper anatomy, biomechanics and
suitability of model for event),  Tack fit and suitability/correctness for event,
Accuracy of documentation, props (including dolls,ifused) and horse in relation to event presented, Condition of model.


Documentation: Documentation for your horses is necessary, especially in the cases of unusual set-ups or props. Please don't assume the judges
know everything.
For the performance classes, It is mandatory that a card be placed that states at a minimum the event and the action the model
is performing.  As a courtesy to other showers, please limit the size of your documentation to a maximum of 8-1/2 x 11 inches. No books.

Size Limitation: Maximum setup size allowed is 18" x 30. If you have a setup that is larger, please ask in advance for a waiver (which may be
granted if the setup warrants it - such as multi-horse hitches).

Specific Class Rules: Rider/handler dolls are not required. Bases, footing, backgrounds, fences, or accessory props are not allowed in the
Pleasure Classes (Western, English or Saddleseat). Costume classes shall consist of only the model, costume, an optional doll and only props
that are part of the costume (no accessory animals, etc.). Please keep those classes simple. If more than one horse is used in the performance
set up, you must designate which horse (as in a harness team, team penning or team roping) is to be judged, by placing the card by that horse.
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