pictured as a 2 yr old, just as she started driving training
Starting training early...
my cousin Jeanine (age 5)  and DanSir (age 3 months)
DanSir qualifed for the AQHA World Championship in Pleasure Driving at age 3.
This was a difficult thing to do, since there were so few PD contestants on the West Coast at the time.
In order to win 1 point, you had to have 6 horses per class and you had to win it. We were required to get 18 points
to qualify for the World, so just qualifying was a big accomplishment.

DanSir was a small, compact  mare, so was not the typical large and lanky TB frame that today's pleasure driving
judges look for. Back then, the AQHA judges were far more willing to judge just on performance rather than on
looks. And DanSir could road gait with the best of them! Driving DanSir was a blast - with her quickness we could
almost spin that buggy in it's own length. She was like driving a Maserati versus a limo...way more fun!
Spanish DanSir
1978 AQHA Chestnut Mare
"Sugar Daddy Too"

This was Dansir's sire,  a Halter and
Western Pleasure horse
with lots of chrome.
Portrait of Dansir  as commissioned by us