Saddle Up!
Performance Show & Clinic

Saturday, October 5, 2013

at the Lookin' Up Ranch
in Herald, California
(between Stockton and Sacramento)

NAMHSA Approved (NAN Qualifier)
Western States Qualifier
Region 2 Champ Show Qualifier
Reservations Required.    Please Use Entry Form below.

Location: Herald, California, is located 10 miles east of Highway 99 between Stockton and Sacramento.
Show Hostess: Kathy Williams ,  email:

Time: Arrive by 8AM, Clinic starts at 9AM, show follows about 11AM. Lunch is included and will be a make-your-own sandwiches,
fruit and salad buffet (if you have special dietary requirements, please bring what you need). Evening activities are optional: dinner
(included) will be a barbeque (hamburger/hot dogs/chicken) with side dishes. We'll have discussion of what you learned, tall tales,
a sing-a-long around the campfire and fun! Guests are invited to stay the night if you wish (see details below). Because this is a
ranch setting, you must complete the liability waiver in order to attend. If you wish to bring a child, please contact me first for

Clinic: Each paid entrant will receive a handout covering the presentation information. We recommend that you bring a notebook
and take notes as well. If you have never showed in performance before and you do not own any tack, bring a traditional sized
model or two and we will try to pair you up with a mentor who can loan you some tack for the day and act as a mentor. If you have
tack, bring it! Private sales OK.

Show: The show portion of the day will begin around 11AM and proceed until we are finished with the class list. This is meant to be
a learning experience, feel free to ask questions as you go!  Finish: This performance show will judge OF (Original Factory finish)
and Customs in the same classes.

Awards: NAN cards (when approved) will be awarded to 1st and 2nd places, ribbons to 5th. Rosettes for section champion and
reserve and overall champion and reserve. Classes may be split, combined or cancelled at the show holder's discretion.

Tables: The show will be held in a private residence. The traditional 30x60 tables we see at the larger show halls cannot be
accommodated. The show will
not provide tables or chairs for entrants. Please bring your own small table (card table size or
smaller) and a chair (a few loaner tables and chairs may be available, please ask in advance).
                                   Class list

Other Performance Division:
1 - Diorama or Scene
2 - All Harness (work, pleasure, show)
3 - Native American Costume
4 - Medieval/Historical/Other
5 - Arabian Costume
6 - Parade
7 - Anything Goes (May have fantasy characters but must include
    a non-fantasy horse model as main entry)

        Other Performance Champ and Reserve

Western Performance Division:
8 - Stock Work - Arena or Ranch - includes cutting
9 - Western Games/Gymkhana
10 - Western Pleasure
11- Western Dressage
12 - Trail / Arena
13 - Trail / Natural
14 - Other Western (includes reining and western riding)

       Western Performance Champ and Reserve

English Performance Division:
15 - Cross Country and Show Jumping
16 - Hunter (over fences)
17 - English Pleasure (Arena)
18 - Dressage
19 - Saddleseat/ Gaited (Arena)
20 - Natural Trail
21 - Other English (includes arena trail, games, etc.)

       English Performance Champ and Reserve
Accommodations: The show location is a rural ranch setting. I have horses that may be used as demonstration models. The
show will be held in a residence with heat/air conditioning. For overnight guests, there are 3 full baths, 3 bedrooms with 4
beds and two couches.  Places will be held on a "first come, first served" basis. Additional guests may bring sleeping bags,
sleeping mats/cots. If you wish to tent camp outside, we have a large lawn area and there is RV parking if you wish to bring
one. Accommodations at the ranch are free of charge.  For those wishing a hotel, there is a Comfort Suites a few miles down
the road.

Conduct: Please be kind and courteous to everyone attending. Inappropriate conduct may result in a person being asked to
               leave. No running. Be mindful of bumping other people's tables.

Show fees: Entry fee is $30 per person (includes show, handouts, lunch and dinner)
                   Paypal accepted: (, Checks, or Money Orders to:
                   Kathy Williams, 14068 Beskeen Rd, Herald, CA 95638 (209) 748-5105

Refunds: There will be no refund for no-shows or for anyone leaving early. No refunds after August 24th.

Shower Limits: Space limited to 15 entrants. This is a performance show only. No halter.
                         There are no class limits but please be realistic about what you can set up in 10 minutes.

Judges: TBD     Judge's decisions are final. Ask questions, but please be respectful.

Time Limits: You will have 10 minutes between classes. If you need more time, ask and we will accommodate you if we can.

Show Cards: Each entry must have a white 3x5" index card that is collected for results. On the front of the card, print clearly
or type the class number, breed and gender. On the backside, clearly print or type your name and the models name.

Documentation: Documentation for your horses is welcomed, especially in the cases of unusual set-ups or props. Please
don't assume the judges know everything. As a courtesy to other showers, please limit the size of your documentation to a
maximum of 8-1/2 x 11 inches. No books.

Judging Criteria: Realistic portrayal of a horse as a "snapshot" in time. Suitability to event or task portrayed; Correct
anatomy/biomechanics of model, appropriateness in  fit, adjustment, detail of tack/props/doll; placement of model in relation
to props; accuracy of documentation. Explanation documentation is a highly recommended for each entry where needed.

Specific Class Rules: Harness class: Drivers and carts are not mandatory but the lack may reflect in your placing.
Rider/handler dolls are not required. Bases, footing, backgrounds, fences, or accessory props are not allowed in the Arena
Pleasure Classes (Western, English or Saddleseat). Costume classes shall consist of only the model, costume, an optional
doll and only props that are part of the costume (no accessory animals, etc.). Please keep those classes simple. Maximum
setup size allowed is  18" x 30". If you have a setup that is larger, please ask in advance for a waiver. If more than one horse
is used in the performance set up, you must designate which horse (as in a harness team, team penning or team roping) is
to be judged, by placing the card by that horse.
This will be a one day educational clinic covering the basics of showing
in the performance division of model horse shows. A performance show
will follow the presentations. An optional barbeque and overnight
campout will conclude the evening.
Space limited to 15 people on a "first come, first served" basis.
Some overnight accommodations are available; please inquire.
Entry Form