Rebecca  Ann Roberts
b. 13 July 1838 in Owen County, Kentucky
d. 26 June1929 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
When Rebecca Ann Roberts was born on July 13, about 1838, in Owen, Kentucky. Her father, Henley, was 29 and her mother, Sarah, was 19.

About 1849 when she was only 11, the family left Kentucky for Jennings County, Indiana. Just a year later in 1850 her father Henley died.

The family moved on to Fayette, Illinois and her mother remarried. Soon Rebecca was living with a family named Waterman, probably as a servant.
It was there in 1858 at age 20, Rebecca married John Brewster and the consent for her marriage was signed by D. B. Waterman. The marriage
didn't take and within a year, Rebecca was back living with the Watermans.

In 1861, Rebecca married William Pilgrim. Rebecca was Mr. Pilgrim's second wife. His first wife had died within the first year of their marriage.  His
marriage to Rebecca didn't last either. By 1862, Rebecca was once again single.

Third time was a charm: in 1864 Rebecca married George William Crawford in Terre Haute, Indiana when she was 26. He was 42 and Rebecca was
his second wife. George had four children from his first marriage and he and Rebecca eventually had four more together. They stayed in Illinois
for a number of years. Then in 1875, they joined a wagon train to Kansas. Along the way they were attacked by Indians and the entire wagon with
all of their worldly goods were lost, though they survived. They remained in Kansas for several years until husband George died in Chatauqua in
1887. He was only 49.

About 1889, Rebecca's eldest daughter Fannie and her husband chose to try their luck in Colorado and Rebecca accompanied them along with
her children (Sadie, James and Lin) and two of her step children (John and Sarah).
The family settled in Archuleta County, Colorado, around Pagosa Springs. In those early frontier days, the area around Pagosa Springs was a timber and
mining boomtown. At that time Pagosa Springs was only accessible by horse, wagon or on foot. The nearest railroad station was at Amargo/Lumberton,
28 miles southeast of Pagosa Springs. A stage coach run by Byrne and Kern serviced the run between Pagosa Springs and the railroad and delivered
passengers and mail.Rebecca owned property there beginning in 1890.
Rebecca's youngest three children grew up in Chromo: Sadie, James W. and Lin Crawford. Sadie married Charles W. Lewis, who eventually became the
Chromo Postmaster. James W. and Lin Crawford became farmers in Chromo, married and raised their families there. Rebecca's stepson, John Crawford,  
stayed in the area until his death in 1919. He is buried in the Hilltop Cemetery in Pagosa Springs.

Rebecca lived in the Pagosa Springs and Chromo area until her death on June 26, 1929, at the age of 90. She is buried at the Hilltop Cemetery in Pagosa