Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl
#5690 Lippizan Mare by Jeanne Grut
The mare and foal come both separately (#5690 and #5691) and molded together (#4698).
Notice the variation in decorating quality and color.
#1362 Windswept sculpted in 1912 by Lauritz Jensen
#4752 Lippizan Stallion in Piaffe by Jeanne Grut
#4609 Pony by Jeanne Grut
in the usual dapple grey
#4611Recumbant Pony by Jeanne Grut
#4653 Standing Colt by Jeanne Grut
#471 Percheron by Carl J. Bonnesen
Original model was sculpted in 1895 for the Paris Exhibition.
Three Windswepts - all slightly different in color.
Variations range from dark caramel to medium gray
Bing & Grondahl Standing Drafter in Harness #2234
sculpted by Sven Jespersen between 1915-47.
Royal Copenhagen
Bing & Grondahl
Bing & Grondahl "Arabian Stallion" #2271
sculpted by American artist Calvin Roy Kinstler about 1952.
Bing & Grondahl was a Danish porcelain manufacturer founded in 1853 by the
sculptor Frederik Vilhelm Grondahl and merchant brothers Meyer Hermann
Bing and Jacob Herman Bing. In 1987 the company merged with its primary
competitor Royal Copenhagen.
#4609 Pony by Jeanne Grut
in the more unusual white grey