Performance Showing
Only recently have I ventured into the realm of showing in the Performance Division at model horse shows. I've always enjoyed working with leather
and decided to try my hand at making some minature western tack. It's a lot harder than it looks!
To see my tack making progress, go here:
I got very lucky when the Ladies of the HARanch - Karelin Samman and Patt Mott (with Momma Ruth and Carli, of course) - decided to host a Performance
Showing Clinic at their ranch in the summer of 2011. Lots of experienced folk attended and all were very generous to share their accumulated
knowledge of the important points when showing in performance classes. Lots of good fun, excellent food and friendship was shared that weekend -
and this included a performance show at the end of the Clinic.
I put together my first attempts at performance
classes with what I had... this included a stablemate
sized cutting scene. This little Bat Girl resin was
dressed by Becky Yeager about 10 years ago and
has never been untacked since then!
I showed my first attempt at a western saddle on this
classic sized OF model.
I also showed this OF Zippo Pine Bar with saddle
made by Kirsteen Haley and doll by Joan Yount.
And another OF Zippo Pine Bar with saddle made from
a Kirsteen Haley kit.
After a getting a taste of what performace showing could be, I went home and started working on a more polished show string.

My next opportunity to show came in April 2012 at Vic Zanutto's performance show and by then I did a little better!
At later shows in 2012 such as Delta Stampede, I am learning as I try new things...
A Scene (or Diorama) entry
A Stock Work entry
Western  entries
Big Valley Performance Show 2013

Couldn't pass up Heather Visser's show that was *so* close to home!
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get clear across the country to NAN came up this year. My chinas hopped a ride with my friends Tracy and Andy Wells -  who
drove them 2,743 miles from the San Francisco Bay Area to Harrisburg, PA!  The 2 performance horses and props hitched a ride in my airline carryon luggage.
Both models earned a Top Ten and one of them got a gold cookie!
The day ended well: a reserve champion in the Western and the English divisions
and an Overall Reserve Champion ribbon.
I have to admit, this performance thing is very addictive!
Then came NAN 2013 in Harrisburg