Other Animals - Dogs
Algora Ceramica (Spain) English Setter in bone china
Royal Copenhagen  #1322
"Sitting Bloodhound Bitch"
sculpted about 1910 by Lauritz Jensen (1859-1935) -
the artist that created the Windswept Horse.
Royal Copenhagen  #4616
"Sitting Bassett Hound"
sculpted by Jeanne Grut - the artist responsible for all
the RC Lippizan horses and the ponies
Hagen Renaker  #H-1549
DW Scottish Terrier "Mac"
scupted by Tom Masterson
released in Fall 1957
Algora Ceramica (Spain) Borzoi in bone china
Hagen Renaker  #H-1518
DW Cocker Spaniel "Honey Girl"
Connoisseur of Malvern "Boxer" in bone china
in brindle and fawn
Ltd. Ed. of 250
sculpted by Donna Chaney
Royal Copenhagen Boxers:
Standing Brindle Boxer Male  #3634
Reclining Brindle Boxer Female #3635
by Holger Christiansen (1890 - 1966).

Two of only four animals he is know to have done
for Royal Copenhagen.

Holger Christiansen worked for RC from 1910 to
1960. This mold was taken out of production in 1984.
Hevener "Rollicking Corgi"
Algora Ceramica (Spain) Pointers in bone china
Hagen Renaker  #H-1501
DW Bulldog "Winston"
scupted by Tom Masterson
released in Fall 1954
Unknown English Setter Hunting Dog
Probably Japan
Rosenthal Daschund #62
sculpted by Dorothea Moldenhauer in 1923.
Bahnhof-Selb factory
Algora Ceramica (Spain) Brittany Spaniel in bone china
Inscribed on base "VS Algora" for Victor Sanchez Algora
Rosenthal Scotty and Westie Terriers
Mold #1688 sculpted about 1938 by Fritz Heidenreich