Other Animals - Felines
Hagen Renaker  B-580 & B-588
"Madame Fluff & Puff"
sculpted by Armae Conacher,  released Fall 1954
One of Kitty Cantrell's comical cats in resin. Released as one of  the "Kitty's Kennel" line,
this one is known as "Cecil"
Royal Copenhagen  #804
"Lioness, Reclining"
sculpted about 1906 by Lauritz Jensen (1859-1935) - the artist that created the Windswept Horse.
Two continental Persian cats - the small one is an Augarten mold, the larger one is unmarked.
Hagen Renaker  B-676     "Persian Cat Lying"
sculpted by Tom Masterson, released Fall 1957   (card to show scale)
Rosenthal Lying Angora Cat sculpted by Theodor Kärner in 1924 .
Bahnhof-Selb factory,  Mold # 169
Hagen Renaker  B-694    "Silver" - medium size
sculpted by Don Winton, released Fall 1958-Spring 1968
Hagen Renaker  B-683   "Starlite"
sculpted by Martha Armstrong, released Spring 1958- Fall 1961; then Fall 1963, 1974, 1978
Nymphenburg Persian Cat sculpted by August Gohring in 1920.
Mold # 5
Hagen Renaker  Cats:
Back row L-R: Moonbeam B-695, Glitter B-685,  Calypso Cat Tabbie B-664, Starlite B-683
Front row L-R: Kitten #133 from F-Mc Loving Cats, Sparkle B-684