Nancee Joanne Evkovich
Nancee Joanne Evkovich was born in Westwood, California, on October 28, 1933, the
only child of Rodney Evkovich and Violet Jane Allan. As a girl, Nancee lived in both
Westwood and Susanville. She attended Susanville High School and later the
University of California. While living in the San Francisco Bay area,  Nancee married
and had one son, Scott Lee Stanley.
Like her mother before her, Nancee was a lifetime member of Masonic women's organizations.
She was a member of the Order of the Amaranth, Rainbow Girls, and served the Order of the
Eastern Star as Susanville's Worthy Matron for two consecutive years, 2004 through 2005.
Nancee was a long time Susanville resident who loved the crisp clean air and the beautiful countryside of
the Sierra Nevadas. She loved looking out at the Diamond Mountains from her front porch:
Nancee became a Corrections officer and returned to Susanville where she worked at the
California Correctional Center for many years.
Nancee was an excellent marksman and was one of the early women
to attain the rank of Sergeant at CCC.
Nancee loved animals and most of her dogs and cats were strays that she adopted.
Her big Rottweiler Bravo was her constant companion and protector for many years. She enjoyed
watching her quarter horse mare Abbi being shown at the local Honey Lake Valley Riders shows.
Nancee lived her last years in increasingly poor health due to an ailing heart..
She passed away Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at Renown Hospital in Reno of renal failure.
Nancee  is buried in her beloved Susanville at the Diamond Crest Cemetery.