Palm Springs, CA
* NAN 2015 *
June 25-27, 2015
After many years, NAN finally came to our home region!

Because California is a huge state, it was still a long drive  (490 miles). Phoenix showers actually had a shorter drive than we did - but there was no way we were going to miss a chance
to get to NAN when it was this close!
Carpooling was the way to go so we rented a mini van, where all of the rear seats made room for
cargo... and we filled her FULL!
The drive included a stop at Famous Dave's Bar-B-Q in Bakersfield and a view of the ongoing Lake Fire near Big Bear.
After a long day, we finally arrived!
The drive included a stop at Famous Dave's Bar-B-Q in Bakersfield and a view of the ongoing Lake Fire near Big Bear.
Renaissance at Palm Springs
Palm Springs Convention Center
Renaissance Lobby
Renaissance Pool
Once we picked up our show packets, dinner at Sherman's Deli followed. Sherman's is a real New York style deli in the heart of Palm Springs.
The pastry display case will make you swoon and the corned beef sandwich (and everything else) is huge! Service is superb there.
The next morning was Day 1 of NAN, so we were up early and raring to go. The show hall (Oasis Room) was huge with plenty of space.
NAN Show Hall
NAN Admin Area
AR Performance Day for me!  It was a crazy busy day with multiple horses in most classes.
CM Costume - Champion
I made the parade set so I was really excited for it to do well
Other English Performance - Reserve
Dressage entry doing tempi changes
English Arena Trail - Champion
CM Western Pleasure - Reserve
Top Ten - Other English Performance
Top Ten - Games
Other Performance- Reserve
By the end of the day, my models had managed to snag 2 gold plaques and 3 silver plaques plus 11 Top Tens.  Not bad!
Day 2 was Breed Halter for Customs and OF Performance.
I was volunteering that day but Tracy had a great day with her chinas in performance!
For dinner we ended up at another great Palm Springs restaurant - the Tropicale. Food was amazing with a fusion menu and the drinks were perfect for a warm summer evening!
Day 3 was China Day and a busy day for all three of us.
I brought some big guys out to play
Tracy brought some beauties
So did Cindi!
My chinas also had a good day - 2 Golds, 4 Silvers and 17 Top Tens
My big guy entries for China Collectability Euro Large Production
My Connoisseur of Malvern "Sefton" towered over the trad sized
My Meissen "Packard" is not little either...
that's a Rosenthal Ubermut behind him.
NAN 2015 was a great experience! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it possible.
We had fun greeting old friends and making new ones!

We all had very good placings and the trip home was done on Monday after a nice breakfast at Elmer's in Palm Springs,
famous for their German Pancakes