Lexington, KY
* NAN 2014 * Breakables * BreyerFest
July 8 - 13, 2014
After having so much fun at NAN in Harrisburg the previous year, Tracy and I decided to do what we'd always talked about - make it to NAN in Lexington, Kentucky.
We had the opportunity to have a friend drive our models across the country and we could fly in. We knew it was the chance of a lifetime
and we weren't getting any younger, so we made our plans for the 2,300 mile trip to Kentucky.
Selfie on the plane  (you can tell we are new at it)
Kathy & Tracy arrive at Louisville airport and find a horse right away
Heritage Hall, Lexington
Judge's Corral
Tracy did well too!
Breakables show hall
NAN Day 3 ended and then it was time for Breakables at the Clarion across town.
After 3 full days at NAN, then Breakables show that last evening... we hit the wall at about 7 PM and had to quit.
We had to get up at 5AM to make the BreyerFest Open Show the next morning!
Our trip was exhausting but a wonderful experience. Now we know what BreyerFest is all about!
We drove from Louisville to Lexington, got squared away in our hotel and waited...
Our models pulled in from California about midnight. We unloaded and were up at 5AM the next morning to make it to NAN 2014 downtown.
We had a good NAN!
Breakables Euro Clinky Eye Candy
Three Nymphenburg Berbers - all different!
BreyerFest Open Show - Show Hall
...but the air conditioning quit and by the end of the day we were toast.
We had fun...
I had some good luck...
No time for sleep... we had our first BreyerFest to experience...
...and more Old Friends!
Old Friends TB Retirement Home
Breakfast at Wild Eggs
BreyerFest Saddlebred Museum
BreyerFest Entrance