Made With Love -
the friendly collaboration of Maureen Love & Laurilyn Burson
"Large Thoroughbred" aka  "Gig"
OOAK in light dapple grey
"Large Thoroughbred" aka  "Gig"
OOAK in warm bay
"Ibn Nataf"
OOAK in baby red dun
"Wild Horse"
OOAK in brindle
"My Pal"
one of a very small OF run in Palomino
"Lying (Arabian) Foal"
OOAK in black blanketed Appaloosa
OOAK in bay with pangare, custom glazed by Joan Berkwitz
OOAK in liver chestnut with flaxen mane and tail; custom glazed by Joan Berkwitz
"Thank You & Farewell" Mare and Foal set
OOAK in lineback dun pinto; custom glazed by Joan Berkwitz
OOAK in flea bitten gray
"Clydesdale Foal"
sold as a bisque, custom glazed by Marge Para
"Race Horse"
OOAK in splash pinto
"Wild Horse" in black stoneware,
a limited edition run in 1996 done in both bay and black
"Arab on Rock" aka "Shah Zaman"
originally sculpted in the 1970s, this example made in 2001 by MWL
LE OF run about 1998, 2nd mold released