Professor Theodor Karner
Professor Theodor Karner was born in 1884 and died in 1966 in Munich.
During his lifetime he sculpted for several porcelain factories, producing beautiful
and memorable animal figurines:

Nymphenburg 1905-1918
Rosenthal 1919-1934, 1954+
Allach 1934-1944
Eschenbach 1947-1953
Thomas & Lindner (dates unknown)
An illustrated list of Karner figurines sculpted for Rosenthal
can be found at Audrey Falconer's page:
Karner was at the top of his career when the National Socialist (Nazi) Party
controlled Germany. Karner's millitary subjects were quite popular in Germany
and highly prized. His work produced through the Allach Porcelain Factory was
superb despite the fact that the factory was controlled by the SS.
Karner's King Frederick the Great:
Karner's Hussar on Charger:
Karner's Mounted Hussar:
Karner's Mounted Officer:
Karner's Standing Horse #2:
Karner's Leaping Horse:
Several Karner horses on my pages: