James Allan
Census records find them still in Fintray in 1841 with address listed as "Posnol" and James still working as a farmer.

For the 1851 Census they are in Fintray with address listed as "Well Fold" and James listed as "Crofter" (small farmer).
Daughter Margaret is 27 and son Arthur is 26; both still live at home. They also have an elderly lodger Margaret Crockert,
age 85. Since Agnes Crockert was Margaret's mother, the "lodger" Margaret may have been her aunt.

I have found no Census information for the family after 1851.

An old parish record for Belhelvie Kirk  (a few miles north of Aberdeen) has a record that shows that James Allan died at
the Hill of Keir (a farm near to Belhelvie) on August 20, 1858 at the age of 69. He died of dropsy (congestive heart failure)
with no doctor in attendance.  The same parish also has a record for the death of Margaret Gray Allan. She lived 22 years
longer than James, also dying at Hill of Keir on August 3, 1880. She also died of dropsy (congestive heart failure).
Born: about 1791 Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Died: 1858, Hill of Keir, Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
There is very little information to be found for James Allan.

From the Scotland Census records of 1841 and 1851, we know that he listed his birthplace as Fintray which was a small
agricultural and textile village on the River Don about ten miles northwest of Aberdeen. The name Fintray is said to be
derived from the Gaelic, Fionn-traigh, meaning “the white, or fair margin of coast, or boundary of coast� an
appellation descriptive enough of the greater portion of the parish which lies along the left, or north bank of the Don. The
parish is bounded on the south by the river Don, which separates it from the parishes of Dyce, Kinellar and Kintore; by the
parish of Keith-hall on the north and west; and by Newmachar on the east.  James was a farmer in Fintray.

He married Margaret Gray on November 22, 1822 in Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Their first child Margaret was born
in 1825 and their second and last child Arthur was born in 1826.

James and Margaret must have been able to make a decent living at farming because they were able to give their son
Arthur an education.  He became a Schoolmaster.
Fintray Cemetery
Old Belhelvie Kirk & Graveyard
Countryside near Fintray
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