Jane Forbes
Father: Peter Forbes    
Mother: Jean Hardie                

Spouse: Arthur Allan                
  James Hardie            
  Jane Hardie             
  Arthur Forbes            
  Hugh Gray                
  Charles Gordon        
  Archibald Campbell   
  Alexander Forbes       
Born: November 30, 1833 in Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland         
Died: August 14, 1915 in South Pagosa, Archuleta County, Colorado
Jane Forbes was the third of 13 children born to Peter Forbes and Jean Hardie. Peter, his wife Jean and most of their children worked in
the woolen mills of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

When Jane was 19 on June 4, 1853, she married Arthur Allan, a school teacher. Her first child James was born the next year in 1854. Jane
bore ten children  (7 boys and 3 girls) between 1854 and 1877. Two of their children, Peter and Margaret, died as infants in 1859 and

The 1861 Census finds the Arthur Allan family in Lonmay Schoolhouse, Aberdeenshire, with his occupation listed as "Teacher of Parschial
Side School". The household at that time consisted of Arthur (34), Jane (27), James (7), Jane H. (5) and Margaret (2 mo).
The 1871 Census shows the family still at Lonmay Schoolhouse, Aberdeenshire, with his occupation listed as "Schoolmaster".
The household at that time consisted of Arthur (44), Jane (37), Jane H. (15), Arthur Forbes (8), Hugh G. (7), Sophia (3) and
Charles G. (2).

They had two more children after the 1871 Census - Archibald Campbell in 1871 and Alexander Forbes in 1877. In 1878, son
Arthur Forbes Allan died at the age of 16 years.

Arthur, Sr. died at age 54 on March 6, 1881 while teaching at Rora Schoolhouse, Longside, Aberdeenshire.
Jane stayed at the School for a time after Arthur's death, serving as the Sewing Mistress.

Arthur and Jane's eldest son James Hardie Allan had immigrated first to Jamaica in 1872 and later to America about 1877.
He ended up in southern Colorado where he worked building the railroad extension from Chama to Durango and onto Silverton. Eventually
all of the remaining Allan children (James, Jane, Sophia, Hugh, Charles, Archibald & Alexander)
immigrated to southern Colorado to join him. Widow Jane with daughter Sophia and youngest child Alexander Forbes  sailed on the Guion
ship SS Alaska, a 500 foot long, four-masted steamer built in 1881 which traveled a route between Liverpool, Queenstown and New York.
They arrived in New York on November 12, 1888. By 1900 they were living in Edith Township, Archuleta County, Colorado.
Edith (according to Polk's Business directory) was "a sawmill and lumber town on the Rio Grande & Pagosa Springs RR; 23 miles
south of Pagosa Springs and 6 miles from Lumberton, NM. Altitude 7,100 feet". Jane was 64, was the head of household, owned her
own home while son Alexander was living with her (age 23) and was working for the railroad.
Edith became a lumber and railroad boomtown when the New Mexico Lumber Company brought the railroad through and established a mill there.
By 1900 there were over 700 residents. Daughter Sophia Allan ran the hotel in Edith that catered to the salaried executives who worked for the
Lumber Company. Timber became the livelihood of several members of the family with sons James Hardie Allan, Charles Gordon Allan and
Archibald Campbell Allan working the mills while son Alexander Forbes Allan piloted the trains that harvested the timber. Cutting and hauling
timber was hard and dangerous work. Son Archibald Campbell Allan was killed in a logging accident when a board from the edging machine rammed
through him. Son Charles Gordon Allan, though considered a champion swimmer, drowned and his body was not found for eight days. Eldest brother
James Hardie Allan was also injured when a log rolled over him, crushing all of the ribs on his right side and knocking out all of his teeth.
Rather quickly the perils of timber harvesting took its toll on the Allan family.
Other Information:
b. 1807 Marchwall, Keig, Aberdeenshire, Scotland             
d. 1885 Woodside, Scotland
b. 1808-11 Maryculter, Aberdeenshire, Scotland                 
d. 1893, Woodside, Scotland

b. 6/22/1826 Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
d. 3/6/1881 Longside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

b. 1854 Fintray, Scotland               d. 1929 Falfa, La Plata, Colorad
b. 1855 Fintray, Scotland               d. 1915  La Plata Cty, Colorado
b. 1858 St. Nicholas, Scotland        d. 1859 (died as baby) Scotland
b. 1861 Lonmay, Scotland              d. 1861 (died as infant) Scotland
b. 1862 Lonmay, Scotland              d. 1878 (aged 16 years) Scotland
b. 1863 Lonmay, Scotland              d. after 1911 Durango, Colorado
b. 1867 St. Coombs, Scotland         d. 1910  Denver, Colorado
b. 1868 St. Coombs, Scotland         d. abt 1900 near Chama, NM -drowned
b. 1871 St. Coombs, Scotland         d. 1902 near Chama, NM - sawmill accident
b. 1877 Longside, Scotland            d. 1958 Oakland, California
By 1910, Jane was living in Pagosa Springs with son Alexander and his family.
Pagosa Springs was the capital of Archuleta County and the hub of all activity in the area.
The photo to the left is of the Allan family about 1890 near Chama, New Mexico.
Appropriately, they are posed in the timber.

Back Row L-R: Four Allan Brothers -
Charles Gordon Allan (22), Alexander Forbes Allan (13), Archibald Campbell Allan (19)
& Hugh Gray Allan (27).

Front Row L-R: James Hardie Allan Family -
Arthur Scarlett Allan (7), William Hugh Allan (5), baby James Edward Allan (1) on  the
lap of his mother Helen Bertha Scarlett Allan (32), Bertha Ann Allan (5),
Jane Forbes Allan, matriarch (55) & James Hardie Allan (36).
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