James William Peters
James William Peters was born in Ireland and married Catherine Moffet there around 1838.
James and Catherine had five children: Margaret J. (b. 1840), James (b. 1842), William (b. 1844), Robert
(b. 1845) and Elizabeth Virginia (b. 1850).

All of their children except the last, Lizzie, were born in Ireland  which pinpoints their immigration date
likely about 1846. This is further confirmed by an excerpt from this historical work:
"History of the Pan-Handle, West Virginia, 1879" by J. H. Newton, G G. Nichols and A. G. Sprankle with this
contribution coming from Linda Cunningham Fluharty.  On page 278 of this volume James William
Peters is mentioned in the brief biography of his eldest son James as follows:

"...James Peters, of Ireland, who came to America with his family in 1846.
The old gentleman first landed in Philadelphia, and being a practical
soap manufacturer, he commenced there in his trade.  Succeeding in his
business for three years, he next made for Wheeling, where he arrived
in 1849.  Here he took contracts for roads and buildings up to the time
of his death, in July, 1852."

We know that James was listed as "Drayman" in the 1850 Federal Census of Wheeling City
(District 44), West Virginia. James died at a very young age of 40 in July of 1850. His wife Catherine
survived him and lived another 34 years, dying in 1884 still in Wheeling.
Born:  about 1812 in Ireland
Died: July 1852 in Wheeling, West Virginia
Father:   unknown                                                      Mother:  unknown

Spouse:  Catherine Moffet (Moffat)   b. 1812 Ireland                   d. 1884   Wheeling, WV

  * Margeret J.                   b. 1840  Ireland                  d. 1920
  * James                            b. 1842  Ireland                  d. 1900
  * William                           b. 1844  Ireland                  d. 1880
  * Robert                           b. 1845  Ireland                  d.
  * Elizabeth Virginia         b. 1850 Wheeling, WV       d. 1885  Bellaire, Ohio
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