James Allen Guthrie
Born: July 11, 1797   Halifax, Virginia.                     Died: January 13, 1869 in Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County,  MO
                                                                                               Buried: Salem Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, MO
Father: Charles Guthrie b. abt 1760 Halifax County, VA       d. abt 1840 Trigg County, KY
Mother: Mariah (surname unknown)    b. 1765  VA    m. abt 1790 VA     d. 1835 Trigg,KY
Spouse: Mildred Link, b. 8/14/1804 Virginia           m. abt 1818 in VA                 d. unknown (after 1870)
4 Children:
John A.                          b. 2/5/1820    Virginia
Elizabeth Isabel          b. 12/3/1824   Virginia
William M.                     b. 3/15/1828   Covington, KY
Thomas J.                    b. 8/26/1830     Barry, MO
Other Information:
James Allen Guthrie was born on July 11, 1797 in Halifax, Virginia.  His father Charles Guthrie was a descendant of David
Guthrie who built the Guthrie Castle in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. This has recently been proven by dna typing.

James Allen Guthrie married Mildred Link who was also from Virginia about 1818. Their first two children were born in Virginia.
The third child William was born in Covington, Kentucky, in 1828 which was located at the confluence of the Licking and Ohio
rivers. In the early 1800’s this area was known as "The Point", a popular rendezvous place for explorers and pioneers. By
1828, the year that William was born, Covington had a population of 715, a log church, several inns and a schoolhouse where
the town trustees met. Covington didn't receive its charter as a city until 1834, so was a frontier town at this time. It seems logical
that James and his wife Mildred had left Virginia to seek their fortune as pioneers and had their third child William along the way.
Their last child Thomas was born in Missouri where they eventually settled.

The family ended up in Lawrence County, Missouri, and we know they were one of the early pioneer settlers there. From
Goodspeed's 1888 History of Lawrence County  we have this record: Page 18, Pioneer Land Buyers: "Township 28, Range 27,
was opened September 23, 1839". "
James A. Guthrie and James Brady purchased on Section 18n 1838 and in 1839 Gabriel
Young and
J.A. Guthrie were the first buyers on Section 21. Page 43, Formation of Townships: The division of the county into six
townships was made May 5, 1845, Mt. Vernon Township was established within the following boundaries: From the northwest
corner of Section 5, Township 28, Range 27, south to the southwest corner of Section 17, Township 27, Range 27; east to the
line dividing Ranges 25 and 26; north to the line dividing Townships 28 and 29, and thence west to the beginning. Elections
were held at Mount Vernon, with Alfred Moore,
James Guthrey and John Williams, judges."

Another historical text makes a humorous comment about how thrifty James A. Guthrie was and notes that he had cash in the
frontier when this was an unusual thing. From Lawrence County Missouri History  published by their Historical Society  (r977.
875, L43, 1974) page 6: "...some early settlers, known to be here by 1840:
James A. Guthrie". Also on page 185, "Benjamin K.
Turk one of the infant towns early residents in a short reminiscence in the Fountain & Journal of July 12, 1873 recalls "Among
the prominent men and largest tax payers of the county then were
James Guthrie and Wm. Orr, traders and stock buyers. These
were both old line Whigs. Judge Williams and Alphred Moore were the only slaveholders I remember of, at that time in the
county. These men were generally deprived of means to buy mules and calves with because of the expense attendant in
feeding, clothing and taxes upon their slaves, while Orr and
Guthrie would always have slick quarters left in their pockets and
about the first of September they would enter our quiet city (Mt. Vernon).
Guthrie would seat himself upon old Kaleb's horse
block and buy mules, paying from $8 to $10 per head, while Orr would drive in his wagon and pick up the calves, paying from     
$.50 to $1 per head. Other references to the Guthrie's include the following: Page 465, J.A. Guthrie and T.J. Guthrie (his son) are
in the Civil War soldier's listings of 1861-65 (his  son William had gone to California in 1849 and his son John had died in 1858,
they weren't enlisted).  Page 496: "The Lawrence County Agricultural and Mechanical Society was incorporated May 21, 1867 on
petition of T. J. Guthrie, On page 51, Education: School Township No. 8, Township 28, Range 27 was established (in 1848) and
later organized at the old school-house with James Guthrie, commissioner. On page 517, Business Directory of Mt. Vernon:
Matthew and Guthrie's general store was on the southeast corner where Millsap's store now is. In 1869 Guthrie moved to
Jollification. On page 958, Biographical: Settlers in Lawrence County: Among the first settlers were on Spring River:
from Virginia. Game was abundant and the old settlers obtained their meat the first season from this source. Here the
old settlers lived in plenty and comfort. The women spun and wove cloth and made all the clothing for the family. The old settlers
were nearly all church members and were either connected with the Cumberland Presbyterian or the Methodist Episcopal

James first bought land in 1839 near Mt. Vernon, then again in 1844 in Barry County. By 1845 he was elected as a Township
Judge. In 1848 he was an early Lawrence County School Commissioner. He shows up in the 1850 and 1860 Federal Census
for Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County. In 1861 he served on the Union side in the Civil War with the 58th Regiment, Company A, of the
Missouri Militia.

James died in 1869 and the court records that he left no will. His estate was sold piece by piece and a settlement was made to
his heirs. The heirs were not satisfied with the estate settlement and came to court on February 25, 1870 as plaintiffs:

 Milly (Mildred) Guthrie, widow living in Mt. Vernon, MO
 Thomas J. Guthrie, son, living in Newton County, MO
William M. Guthrie, son, living in Trinity County, California
Sarah Francis and David Murray
Evaline (eldest son John's 2nd wife, now  remarried and named Ramsey), guardian of Thomas & Elizabeth
    Guthrie   (grandchildren).

After court settlement, the following heirs were paid their share:
Milly Guthrie, wife
Thomas Guthrie, son
William Guthrie, son
Heirs of John Guthrie (son, deceased): Eliza Isbell Guthrie, Lwella Plater, Josephine Richardson, James W. Guthrie.
Heirs of Elizabeth Guthrie Lewis (daughter, deceased): Della White, David L. Murray (Sarah's husband),
   Minnie Lewis Allen,  W.S. Lewis, Richard L. Lewis, Thomas J. Lewis and Addie Lewis.
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