Other German / Austrian
Rearing Stallion by Von Schierholz (Plaue) porcelain factory, Thuringia, East Germany.
Sculpted by Gustav Gossenburger circa 1920.
Augarten "Shying Horse" sculpted by Robert Ullmann (1903-1966)
produced by Augarten circa 1950.
Augarten Rearing Arab Stallion Mold # 1831
sculpted by Herbert Schwarz in 1961
Wein Keramos Grey Stallions
both figurines sculpted by R. Chocholka
original production circa 1920's
Augarten Wein (Vienna)
Click the arrow  button and watch the video porcelain manufacture at
Augarten inVienna... be patient and you will see the *many* parts of the
Levade mold that have to be pieced together by hand!
Von Schierholz - Plaue  
Wein Keramos
Augarten Lipizzan Stallion "en Capriole" Spanish Riding School series
sculpted by Herbert Schwarz in 1962
Augarten Lipizzan "In The Pillars" Spanish Riding School series
sculpted by Albin Dobrich in 1926
Augarten "Wild Defiance" sculpted by Robert Ullmann (1903-1966)
inscribed 1948
Augarten now calls this sculpture "Racing Horse"
Schwarzburger Werkstätten/Unterweissbach
Lying Foal marked U1244 with Schwarzburger Running Fox mark