This is a show for ceramics only. Your model must have been fired: ceramic, earthenware, porcelain,
stoneware, and the like are all eligible for entry.  "Cold-cast porcelain" is not eligible for entry as it is not really
porcelain and will melt in an oven.

Show Hall opens at 8:00AM – Judging will begin at 9:00AM.

50% to R2 Champ Show and 50% for TB Friends Horse Rescue

This show will be a NAN (North American Nationals) qualifier – 1st and 2nd place horses in all regular
division classes will receive a NAN card that qualifies that horse to enter the NAN shows in 2011 and 2012.  
There are no class limits per entrant/showing team.  This show will also be a Region 2 qualifier; any horse
placing 1st through 4th will qualify for the 2011 Region 2 Champ Show on November 12 and 13 in Visalia,

Victoria Zanutto – 420 Elmhurst Street – Hayward, CA 94544-1128          510-247-0646

General Class Information: Classes may be split, combined or canceled, depending upon the number of
entries, at the discretion of the judge and/or showholder.

Awards: Paper flats to 5th Place in classes, recycled rosettes for Section/Division Champs and Reserve

Entry Cards: Each entry must have a 3â€�x5â€� card.  On the up side, print clearly or type the class number,
breed and gender.  On the down side, print the horse’s name and the shower’s name.  For security
purposes, you may tag your horses but please be careful to have only the horse’s breed and gender
showing when you place it in the show ring.  Entries without Entry Cards will be disqualified.

IMPORTANT! ------   COLLECTIBILITY DIVISION:  Documentation in the form of an Information Card is
mandatory for every entry in the Collectibility Division; this is in addition to the Entry Card.  The reason is that
no judge can possibly know everything about what may show up on the table. Please explain briefly on the
Information Card just what is special and collectible about that model. Rarity, size of run (if known), age,
unusual qualities, etc.   The card should be a minimum size of 3â€�x5â€�, but no greater in size than 8-

All Divisions:  Documentation for your horses is welcomed and is almost necessary in the cases of unusual
breeds, colors or coat patterns.  Please don’t assume the judges know everything there is to know about
every breed and color.  As a courtesy to other showers, please limit the size of your documentation to a
maximum of 8-1/2 x 11 inches.

Fees: The show entry fee is $30.  TABLE SPACE:  Each entrant will be required to bring their own card table.
Please restrict tables to this size.  A limited number of folding chairs are available so if you have your own that
you can bring, please do so.

We will have a pot luck lunch; please bring something to share with the group (maximum number of showers
is 15 due to space limitations).

Raffles and Auctions:
Raffles and silent auctions will be held in the afternoon; we are gladly accepting donations!

OF CHINA CLASSES:  These breed classes will be judged heavily on conformation/biomechanics, breed
suitability and workmanship/finish quality without collectibility being a main factor.

COLLECTIBILITY CLASSES:  Entries will be judged on collectibility first  (age, rarity, history/unusual qualities),
with secondary emphasis placed on conformation/biomechanics, breed suitability and workmanship/finish.

CUSTOM GLAZE CLASSES:  In this division, conformation and breed type/standard will the primary focus.

Crispness and detail of paint job will also be a consideration in all divisions.

At the judge’s/showholder’s discretion, a shower may be asked to moved their entry to another
class/division if the judge deems the entry incorrectly placed.  If a shower chooses to lay their entry down on
the table rather than place it in a standing position, they give the judge the authority to pick up the horse for
judging so that they can view the other side of the model.  The judge must be allowed to pick up the model for

Judges: Decisions of the judges are final! Please do not question them while they are judging a class. If you
have a question regarding a placing, please ask the judge politely and promptly after the class. Some classes
may be team judged or another judge may fill in for a short break.
PLEASE do not hover while the judge is judging a class!

DO NOT touch any models other than your own unless you have the specific permission of the owner.