Perhaps the most interesting segment of the model horse genre are the older European
porcelains.  Many were sculpted in a time when breeds were far different than they are today
and when horses were more utilitarian. Often they are stylized representations of what was
considered the noblest of animals. They are often more works of art than accurate
representations, although many sculptures were highly detailed.
Some of the most wonderful sculptors who worked in this time were:

Professor Theodor Karner (1884-1966)
Erich Oehme (1898-1970)
Hugo Meisel (1887-1966)
Max Daniel Hermann Fritz (1873-1948)
Otto Richter (1867- )
Rudolf Maison (1854-1904)
Hans Achtziger (1918-2003 )
Adolf Rohring (Dachau)
Dorothea Moldenhauer (1879-1968)
Albert Hinrich Hussmann (1874-1946)
Carl Johan Bonnesen (1868-1933)
Lauritz Jensen (1859-1935)
Svend Jespersen (1895-1985)
Jeanne Grut (1927-2010 )
Willi Munch-Khe (1885-1961)
Fritz Diller (Johann Georg Friedrich Diller) (1875-1945)
Albin Dobrich (sculpted1920-30's)
Louis Tuaillon (1862-1919)
Fritz Heidenreich (1895-1966)
Paul Scheurich (1883-1945)
Jose Belloni (1882-1965)
Helmut Diller (1911-1984
Robert Ullmann (1903-1966)
European Porcelain Horses
Nymphenburg & Allach
Other German / Austrian
Bing & Grondahl / Royal Copenhagen