Elizabeth Virginia Peters
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Virginia Peters was born the fifth and last child of James Peters and Catherine Moffet
Peters. All of their earlier children were born in Ireland . Lizzie was born after their immigration to America in
Wheeling, West Virginia, just across the Ohio River from Bellaire, Ohio. At this time the area was a bustling
river port, which gave the local farmers and businessmen access to river transport.

I'm not sure exactly when Charles and Elizabeth were married but probably about 1879.

Their first child was son Charles Chester born 4/13/1880 in Bellaire, Ohio. The second and last child was
daughter Ella, born in Bellaire, Ohio, on September 25, 1884. Elizabeth died 4/2/1885 in Wheeling, WV, only
seven months after Ella was born. It’s possible that Elizabeth died from complications after the birth of
Ella. Her death could also have been from the result of illness or accident from the great flood of the Ohio
River in Bellaire in the year of her death.

She left husband Charles McClain with two very young children- Charles aged 4 and Ella aged 7 months.

After Elizabeth died, Charles married Elizabeth’s first cousin Mary Moffet. Mary had no children herself,
but became step mother to Charles and Ella.
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