My Favorite Books:
Travel to Other Worlds
I have been an avid reader since my Grandmother taught me how before I started
kindergarten. I am a true addict and cannot imagine being without reading
material. I will read anything if stuck, even milk cartons and cereal boxes!

That's not to say I don't appreciate excellence in literature when I find it.

Here are some of my favorites - most of which I have read many, many times.
Historical fiction with memorable characters has always been a magnet but
mysteries, thrillers and some science fiction with good plots also get my vote.

These never get old.
Mary Stewart
Mary Renault
Louis Lamour
Thomas B. Costain
Georgette Heyer
Catherine Cookson
Dick Francis
Virginia Lanier
Dana Stabenow
Diana Gabaldon
Daniel Silva
Nevada Barr
Rita Mae Brown
Stephen Hunter
Lee Child
James Lee Burke
Vince Flynn
Will James
Since I am also addicted to horses, reading horse-themed books has always been part of my
life. In primary school my teachers used to get annoyed that I only wanted to read books
with horses in them. My mother was listening to a lament about this one day and put the
matter to rest in her usual practical way. She asked my teacher how my reading aptitude
was doing. The teacher happily related that I was two grades ahead of my class in reading.
To which my mother responded "Well, perhaps reading horse books is not so bad, then?"

So, some of my favorite Horse-Themed Books and Authors:
Thomas Perry
Marguerite Henry
Walter Farley
Mary O'Hara
Rutherford Montgomery
Jilly Cooper
Zane Grey
Patricia Leitch
C. W. Anderson
Enid Bagnold
And more recently...
Jody Jaffe
Rita Mae Brown
Carolyn Banks
Laura Crum
Kit Ehrman
Kathleen Herald
Laura Hillenbrand
John Lyons
Mark Rashid
Jane Savoie
Lynn Palm
Alois Podhajsky
Bill Dorrance
Ray Hunt
Jack London
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Jim Kjelgaard
Tom Clancy
John Lescroart
Brad Thor
Leon Uris
Patricia Briggs
Charlaine Harris
Patrick Taylor
Nicholas Evans