Arthur Allan
Born: June 22, 1826 at Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland        Died: March 6, 1881 at Longside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Father: James Allen  b. abt 1789 in Fintray, Abderdeenshire, Scotland.   d. 1858 Belhelvie, ABD, Scotland
Mother: Margaret Gray   b. 1798 Aberdeenshire, Scotland     d. 1880 Belhelvie, ABD, Scotland
Spouse: Jane Forbes b. 11/30/1835 at Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
10 Children:
•• James Hardy (Hardie) b. 3/5/1854 at Fintray, Aberdeenshire
• Jane Hardie                    b. 12/22/1855 (likely at Fintray), Aberdeenshire
• Peter                                 b. 10/3/1858 at St. Nicholas, Aberdeenshire
• Margaret                           b. 1/31/1861 at Lonmay, Aberdeenshire  
• Arthur Forbes                   b. 10/16/1862 at Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
• Hugh Gray                        b.10/28/1863 at Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
• Sophia                              b. 8/8/1867 at St. Coombs, Aberdeenshire
• Charles Gordon              b. 9/13/1868 at St. Coombs, Aberdeenshire
• Archibald Campbell       b. 10/10/1871 at Schoolhouse,  St. Coombs, Aberdeenshire
• Alexander Forbes           b. 7/7/1877 at Schoolhouse, Rora Public School, Longside, Aberdeenshire
Other Information:
Arthur Allan was the second child and only son of James Allan, a farmer of Fintray, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Fintray (also called Hatton of Fintray/Fintry) is a rural area in Aberdeenshire and was the home of the Forbes-Sempill family, who
also possessed the barony of Craigievar and Craigievar Castle.

Arthur Allan’s father James must have been a fairly prosperous farmer because he was able to send his son to the
University of Edinburgh. With his education, Arthur became a School Master and eventually taught at schools in Fintray, St.
Nicholas, Lonmay, St. Coombs and Longside.

Census records find the family in Fintray in 1841 with address listed as “Posnol�. Father James is still working as a
farmer. For the 1851 Census they are in Fintray with address listed as “Well Fold� and James listed as “Crofter�
(small farmer). Daughter Margaret is 27 and son Arthur is 26; both still live at home.

Arthur married Jane Forbes on June 4, 1853 in Fintray.  Jane was born in Fintray on November 30, 1835.Together they had 10
children (7 boys and 3 girls) between 1854 and 1877.

The 1861 Census finds Arthur Allan’s family in Lonmay Schoolhouse, Aberdeenshire, with his occupation listed as â
€œTeacher of Parschial Side Schoolâ€�. The household at that time consisted of Arthur (34), Jane (27), James (7), Jane H. (5)
and Margaret (2 mo).

The 1871 Census shows the family still at Lonmay Schoolhouse, Aberdeenshire, with his occupation listed as â
€œSchoolmasterâ€�. The household at that time consisted of Arthur (44), Jane (37), Jane H. (15), Arthur Forbes (8), Hugh G.
(7), Sophia (3) and Charles G. (2). The eldest son James is no longer living at home. A young daughter Margaret who would
have been only 12 is missing. She may have died?

They had two more children after the 1871 Census - Archibald Campbell in 1871 and  Alexander Forbes in 1877.

Arthur died on March 6, 1881 while teaching at Rora Schoolhouse, Longside, Aberdeenshire. The cause of his death was listed
as gastric fever and pneumonia and the informant of his death was listed as his son, Charles Gordon Allan.  His wife Jane
stayed at the School for awhile after Arthur’s death, serving as the Sewing Mistress.

Arthur and Jane’s eldest son James Hardie Allan had immigrated first to Jamaica in 1872 and later to America about 1877.
He ended up near Durango, Colorado, and several of his siblings eventually followed him to this area. After Arthur’s death,
even his wife Jane eventually came to Colorado with their youngest child Alexander Forbes in 1888.