Artist Resins and Simple Customs
"Tenorio" sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis
Painted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
Head Up "Padron" sculpted by Vicki Keeling
Painted by Ruth Lenz
PH "Limerick" bisque sculpted by Kristina Lucas
Painted by Laurie Jo Jensen
Loza Arabian bisque
Painted by Sue Sudekum
Sarah Rose's "Nevada"
Painted by Ruth Lenz as a brindle
"Willoughby" sculpted by Brigitte Eberl
Painted by Ruth Lenz
"Yucky" & "Yummi" sculpted by Chris Jolly
Painted by Ruth Lenz
"Parr's Dream Doll" sculpted by Carol Williams
painted by Debra Loveless

** Hand pastelled and etched **
"Summer Love" sculpted by Carol Gasper
painted by Debra Loveless to a brindle dun quarter pony with primitive markings
"Freedom" sculpted by Kitty Cantrell
painted by Debra Loveless to a chocolate liver chestnut with partially flaxen mane and tail
Stacey Tumlinson's "Ziryab"
Pregnant Arabian mare painted by Sheryl Leisure
Simple Customs: custom painting on a factory body
"WBP Scandalous Jack" sculpted by Chris Jolly
painted by Vanessa Fairs
"Hearts Afire" sculpted by Kathleen Moody
painted by Ruth Lenz
"Veiled" sculpted by Linda York
painted by Whitney McIntire